HUMUS EKO DAR is an organic soil conditioner/improver with high quality, which presents the product of processing of manure and organic waste carried out by the Californian red earthworm, has dark color and odorless.

Humus is composed of the organic compounds and a bacterias that help further decomposition of the surrounding soil. Earthworm humus does not contain any chemical additives, pathogenic germs and toxic elements.

Humus is several times more efficient than the most complex known chemical and natural fertilizers.

The composition of fertilizer: total organic matter = min. 40%, organic carbon - C = min. 20%, C / N ratio = max. 20, total nitrogen - N = min. 1%, organic nitrogen = min. 1%, total phosphorus - P2O5 = min. 1%, total potassium - K2O = min. 1%, humic acids = 1.2%

Purpose: Earthworm humus is intended for the repair of physical-chemical and microbiological properties of the soil with a lower content of organic matter and for the cultivation of different plant species in olericulture and horticulture, with the quantity of 2 - 10 t/ha per year.

Plant species and soil type for which it is intended: Can be used for a variety of plant species, especially for vegetables, lawns, flowers and ornamental plants, which are grown in different type of soils in the field and in the protected space, especially on soils with lower organic matter content. May be used for repairing the physical and biological properties of the soil, plants food regime and as an element of various organo-mineral substrates.

The amount of application: 2 - 10 t / ha (0,2 - 1 kg / m2) for lands and 10 - 50 kg / m3 substrate depending on its provision with nutrient elements.
The time of application: Before basic and presowing soil preparation and within substrate preparation.
Method of application: Uniform distribution over the surface before soil cultivation and with good mixing in the preparation of the substrate.


NATURAL, ORGANIC AND WITHOUT UNPLEASANT SMELL - Humus is used for improvement and humification of all types of land, it's odorless and without any chemical ingredients produced by conventional production method.
Such a humus is used in the production of all kinds of plant nurseries - fruits, vegetables and vineyards, as well as herbs and ornamental plants, without any needs for adding mineral fertilizers. Bio-ecological (organic) agricultural production of healthy food is inconceivable without humus. As such, it has broad and indispensable usage in planting, growing and fertilising of all types of plants and it can be added in any quantities, because it is completely innocuous and natural.

IMPROVES THE SOIL STRUCTURE - It reduces the risk of soil compaction, due to its structure shaped like cylindrical beads. Therefore, the water does not retain in the surrounding, so there is no accumulation of excessive moisture in the root system.

EXCELLENT IN COMPARISON WITH OTHER TYPES OF HUMUS - By this is meant that humus can be added in any quantities and the plants will adopt it, because it is completely natural. You can start growing plants from the seeds or seedlings, in fact, you can access to your plants with all known techniques of planting and growing through the addition of humus of Californian earthworms. Humus can not harm the plants in any case, but on the contrary, you can receive amazing results in comparison with other types of humus.

HIGH AVAILABILITY OF NUTRIENTS - Californian red earthworm humus contains a high concentration of beneficial bacterias and micro-organisms that are by-product of the digestive tract of earthworms. The earthworms digestive tract breaks down and mix nutrients and usefull elements needed for plant growth, and delivers them in a simple form. Such forms, the plant absorbs from the land without much effort, and excess of elements remains in the soil readily available for plant development.

NATURAL PLANT GROWTH HORMONES - Humus contains plant growth hormones auxin and cytokinin which stimulates faster and stronger development of the plants.

NATURAL ELIMINATOR OF PATHOGENIC ORGANISMS - Since earthworms are also fed with harmful fungi and bacterias from obtained food, they are processing this elements, and thus reduces the risk of of plant diseases.

REDUCES THE ACIDITY OF THE SOIL - pH value of Californian earthworm humus is about 7, respectively neutral, therefore its composition neutralize the acidity of the soil and allows plants normal growth. Humus reduces the acids in the soil, which ensue due to the effect of carbon in the soil, and increases the formation of oxygen in the soil in a form useful for the development of the plants.

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF (CALIFORNIAN EARTHWORM) HUMUS - Besides containing oxygen, humus also contains the phosphorus, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, boron, copper, zinc and manganese.

Humus with average quality contains 11 times more potassium, 3 times more magnesium, 7 times more phosphorus, 5 times more nitrogen than manure. In short, one ton of humus is equally worth as 5 tons of manure, which is far more efficient and far less dangerous than chemical fertilizers!