A GIFT FROM THE NATURE - is not just a slogan of our firm but also the guiding idea and a business approach driven by care for our customers, their families and the entire eco-system.

Excessive, uncontrolled, and often unprofessional usage of chemical inputs (fertilizers and plant protection products) in agricultural production, with the aim of achieving the higher yields and profits, causes the permanent impairment of quality and soil fertility. In addition, often is neglected food quality and safety to the health of humans and animals, as well as the basic principles of the protection of ecosystems and agro ecosystem. Organic agriculture, as management system that strives to ethically acceptable, ecologically clean, socially equitable and economically profitable agricultural production, effectively solves these problems, because it offers a more humane way of producing food, ie. puts the spotlight on human health and respects the natural ecological balance by avoiding environmental pollution.
Business Concept EKO DAR presents the result of the vision of two young enthusiasts guided by the desire to deal with the production of organic soil enhancers (natural fertilizers), organic substrates and other organic products that will enable consumers to gain high-quality and cost-affordable products that are in compliance with the principles of organic agriculture.

Entrepreneurship business/the firm EKO DAR was officially registered and began its work in March 2013.

The main activity of our firm is the cultivation of red Californian earthworms, production and sales of high quality organic humus - earthworm and other organic products.
Our company headquarter is in Apatin, Republic of Serbia.

Striving to offer our customers products that are in compliance with the principles of environmental protection and organic farming has led our products to the List of registered plant nutrition products , soil improvers and organic substrates, that are allowed to be used in organic production. This list is officially approved by Plant Protection Administration, the Ministry of Agriculture and environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia. (The official list can be downloaded in the Download section).

The official analysis of our products was conducted by the Faculty of Agriculture, Zemun, Belgrade University and for the sake of transparency of operation and building relationships with our clients that will be based on trust, results of the analysis are available on our website (in the Download section).
Our two main products with which we started production and conquering of the market and with whom among consumers we have become recognizable are organic soil improver - HUMUS EKO DAR and organic substrate - SUBSTRATE EKO DAR.